Diving on Roatan

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Dive Mecca Roatan

The Caribbean island of Roatan is Central America’s eco-hotspot and the dive Mecca of Honduras. On the country’s mainland, you can marvel at the stunning ancient ruins of Copan, also referred to as the “Paris of the Mayas” due to its impressive and still intact fascinating works of art.  Just off Honduras’ mainland you can find the famous Bay Islands that have reefs that house all possible species of marine life that the Caribbean offers. The Bay Islands consist of three islands, Guanaja, Utila (a world-famous whale shark hotspot), and the largest of the three, Roatan. At the Roatan Institute for Marine Science you have the chance to dive with dolphins. Here we take a look at some of the best places to stay on Roatan.

The Best Lodging & Diving on Roatan

Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort
West Bay Beach
Grand Roatan features a restaurant, an outdoor pool and free WiFi throughout the property. All hotel  rooms and villas have are-conditioning, coffee maker, and flat screen TV. Some of the units include a seating area for relaxation. Free shuttle services are available.

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The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences

The Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences’s motto is ‘Preserving the Natural Resources of Roatan through Education & Research’.

The very rich Caribbean waters around the Bay Island of of Roatán (Honduras) are full of history, filled with the most beautiful fish and stunning marine life. The waters are abound with stories, tales of change, life, and growth that are waiting to be told and heard. The central figures in all these tales are the marine organisms and fish that call these waters their home. The people at the Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS) know all these stories as they all unfold right there offshore.

Coral Reef Monitoring

For the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, research is among the most crucial tools for the conservation of the area’s marine biological diversity, and the Institute is highly committed to promoting and facilitating marine investigations. In the second half of the 1990’s, RIMS initiated and implemented an extensive reef-monitoring project to be conducted in and around Roatán’s Sandy Bay Marine Reserve.

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Diving on Roatan-The Reef

Snorkeling can be among the best means to see an exotic destination as well as gain an admiration of its wild side– the kind that does not do karaoke at the resort bar until all hours of the night. It’s an experience that’s simple, there are myriad vivid, memorable views to see as well as it’s a strong manner in which to stay in form when the day-to-day regimen’s been put on hold.

As a means to see the sea, snorkeling has plenty of advantages over scuba diving. If you could swim, you can snorkel with really little training.

” It’s not equipment-intensive– simply mask, fins as well as a snorkel and also off you go. The minimum quantity of gear can be liberating. And in some cases– diving with whales, for instance– the absence of blisters enables you to obtain closer to your quarry than you can with scuba gear. “It’s so peaceful. You could drift in addition to all the sea creatures swimming listed below as well as not disturb them in their native environment.”

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